Jump Start Into The Year: Health and Fitness Goals For 2017

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Get back into health and fitness goals for 2017

Health and Fitness Goals For 2017

So guys, it’s 24 days into January and my cupboards are now devoid of all Christmas treats and nibbles! One final sweep of the house confirms it, not a hidden chocolate or stashed sweet to be found anywhere. I officially have no more excuses… it’s time to saddle up the health horse and get fit.

If you are a regular to my blog, then you’ll know I’m not one for fad diets or ‘clean eating’, a term I deeply detest. I’ve always been an advocate for enjoying all types of food in moderation. However, it is easy to get carried away, especially if you have a packed schedule.

At the latter end of the year, I lost my way a touch. I ended up indulging in far too many take-aways for lunch and dinner. I have missed cooking properly and my blogging, but my new job (which I love) has taken me away from my old weekly routine. However, I am determined to make it work. I’m a firm believer in making time for the things you love.


Blog Update

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 Blog Update

Hello…it’s me…I was wondering if..

OK. I’m going to stop right there, I’m not even an Adele fan. Yikes.

Anyway, I thought I would take this minute to update you on what’s happening behind the scenes on the blog. Woot! Have you guessed already?


Hey, I’ve Been Missing You

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Last week you may or may not have noticed that I didn’t blog at all. It’s the first time this year that I’ve gone a week without posting anything, and it felt very strange indeed. I don’t want to bore you with the details, because you might’ve already guessed why I’ve been absent, so I’ll keep it brief by simply saying that I’ve started a new job and the training has been pretty intense. I knew I wouldn’t have the time to concentrate fully on blogging, and there’s no way I would ever put up half-hearted posts just for the sake of it.


Autumn Bucket List ’15

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When September creeps around I go from chill out mode to ambition mode. I seem to get more things done during this period than January, when I make New Year resolutions that I NEVER keep. Maybe it’s because I was born in September (it’s actually my birthday today)!


5 Things To Do When You Don’t Have The Internet

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Wow. A post on Saturday? Well you might have noticed that there wasn’t one posted up yesterday. This is due to my home internet being down. Very frustrating, especially when I wanted to blog. Anyhow, I’m sitting in cafe Nero (yay for free wi-fi in cafes) because I wanted to share with you 5 things to do when you don’t have the internet.

5 Things To Do When You Don't Have The Internet


Hey You, Foodie? Get To Know Me + Discover More Food Bloggers

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If you are a food blogger and/or a reader and a fan of twitter, then you may know about the #fdbloggers hashtag. It’s a great way to discover new food blogs or keep up to date with the latest chat happenings. 

 In a world filled with fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers and lifestyle bloggers Loriley Sessions saw a gap in the market for us foodies. Where are they all? Why don’t we have a place where our voices could be heard? With that in mind, she created the @fdbloggers account along with the #fdbloggers hashtag. It didn’t take long for this bustling community to grow and I for one was so happy to have discovered it. 

When I first started blogging I felt rather alone, people talked of blogging being a great way to meet like-minded people but I was struggling to find anyone. It was only when I discovered The #fdbloggers hashtag that everything started to change. Through it, not only was I able to share my posts out to a larger audience, but I also became friends with some fabulous food bloggers. I am thankful to Loriley as I know for a fact I would not have found these brilliant creative bloggers.


If We Met Up For A Drink (And Some Exciting News)

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It’s been a hectic week here and I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I usually would to my blog. Needless to say, I’ve still managed to get my posts up on their designated days. As it’s Friday I thought we should share a virtual drink, because I’ve got some exciting news to share.

If We Met For A Drink_Fotor

If we met up for a drink, I’d be ordering a bottle of Corona, because it’s been a pretty humid day and I was daydreaming earlier about chilling out in a beer garden. Anyway, the first round would be on me, as I’ve got something I’ve been wanting to tell you all day.


Forget About A Sugar Tax, How About A Little Education?

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Everything in moderation, including moderation 

                                 – Oscar Wilde

Sugar Tax

Let’s finish up the week with a little rant post, shall we?

So the government is considering bringing in a 20% sugar tax to help combat obesity and from what I’ve read from numerous articles including this one “A sugar tax is a necessary bitter pill that would benefit all of us” by the Western Morning News, the figures do look pretty grim. Obesity is causing a burden on the NHS and if the figures are correct 30% of the UK population will be obese by 2030. But would the introduction of a fat tax really help to lower this statistic?


What I Listen To In The Kitchen – Music and Podcasts!

What I Listen To In The Kitchen
Music is medicine for the soul, right? 

 When I’m pottering about in the kitchen, I like to have some background noise to keep me company. It’s either a dedicated playlist or a podcast I’m listening to, directly from my iPhone. It’s so easy to just leave it sitting propped up on the counter, whilst I’m cooking or eating. I love creating playlists, in fact I’m slightly obsessed with it! So much so,  I’m sharing my favourite songs and podcasts that are currently cooking up a storm in my kitchen.


Weekend Wanderings #3

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Have you ever had your weekend all planned out and then for whatever reason, ended up doing something completely different? This was Neil and I over the last couple of days. We had decided we were going to go for a trip to Newcastle, but then spontaneously ended up going on a mini road trip to the Glens of Antrim.