About Me

Hello and a big welcome to my blog!

My name is Sarah Montgomery and I hail from the rainswept East coast of Northern Ireland. I have numerous interests, but chiefly consider myself both an amateur cook and an aspiring photographer, so for me it made sense to combine these two passions. From Plate to Pen was born in May 2014, when I decided to really embrace the blogging world and create my own little place within it. It was pretty daunting, considering the quality of many food bloggers already around and their years of experience. What could I bring to the party? It quickly became apparent to me that not everyone out there is a master of the culinary arts. Some people are like me, still finding their way around the big bad world of cooking. I figured, why not enjoy the journey with a fellow foodie pilgrim?

I’m all about keeping it simple and tasty. You will not find anything here made with liquid nitrogen or a thousand different utensils. If I can’t master a recipe in my kitchen, I don’t expect my readers to. Along with my self-vetted recipes, I’ll also cover the likes of:

  • Food product reviews
  • Kitchen gadget reviews
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Snippets of my life
  • Giveaways

When I’m not blogging or cooking up a proverbial storm, I like to spend time with my other half, Neil and our little fur baby Hannah. I’m also thoroughly fascinated by the Japanese culture, so plan to go travelling and expanding my mind over there…as well as my palate! 


Please visit my Contact page for details on how to contact me regarding business or just to say ‘hi’. 

Thanks for stopping by!