Rejuice With Froothie’s JUISIR: 3 Reason’s Why You’ll Want One!

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Introducing Juisir, A new innovative cold pressed juicer that requires no cleaning.

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When the email landed in my inbox from Froothie proclaiming there was a new cold pressed juicer, I was instantly intrigued. What first hit me was the sleek simplicity of the design. The pure white body and lack of unnecessary complication is reassuringly high tech and totally supports the ethos behind it. The self-cleaning element is, without a doubt, a major attention-grabber and a hugely appealing selling point.

Here are my top three reasons why this is a must-have machine for your kitchen:

1). It’s a no clean hassle-free machine!

Come again? A juicer that doesn’t need to be taken apart and cleaned after use? Personally, this appeals massively to me and I would think the same could be said for anyone who doesn’t have the time, or simply can’t be bothered with the chore of tidying up. My blender is easy to wash, but I can’t think of a single cold pressed juicer that is. Trust Froothie to come to the rescue!

So how does it work? Simply chop up your fruit/veg, put into a single use bag or multiple use bag, pop the bag into your Juisir, press a button and 90 seconds later you’ll be enjoying freshly pressed juice in a glass. No food ever actually touches the machine and the bag can be removed and disposed of with ease.

2.) Environmentally Friendly Juicing Bags

 A point of concern for many people might be the subsequent disposal of said bags. Thankfully, Juisir has uniquely designed their juicing bags so that they are biodegradable and can therefore be recycled after use. There are two options, single use and the more economical multi use bags. 

3.) 100% juice

Froothie promises no bits or pulp are left  in the glass, just 100% fresh juice. The Juisir uses up to 8 tonnes of force meaning a higher yield of juice than some other cold pressed juicers. It apparently is also good at tackling tougher fruit and veg that can clog up a traditional juicer, such as pineapple. This allows you more freedom and scope to explore making your own recipes.

Watch the video and see the JUISIR in action for yourself, I’d love to get my hands on one of these! 

The JUISIR is available on pre-order now and will be available in May. 


Use the code 3415 free ambassador delivery in the comments box when ordering and your delivery charge will be credited back to your account.

 I am a Froothie ambassador. This means that From Plate to Pen will have plenty of posts showing some of the things I make with Froothie products. This post contains affiliate links. Buying through a link will not cost you any more, but I will get a small commission.  Opinions expressed are my own. 


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    Kavey at Kavey Eats
    February 4, 2017

    I’ve been put off most juicers previously because of the cleaning afterwards, and indeed got rid of the only juicer we had over 15 years ago. I’d definitely be interested in this, having read about those bags and no need to clean!

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    Jan Bennett
    February 4, 2017

    Love that there’s no cleaning! I hate cleaning my juicer so actually hardly use it.

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