Foodie Goodies May 2016 Edition

How has your month been? At the beginning of May I drew up some goals I wanted to achieve, as I was feeling demotivated and procrastinating too much. My goals included join a baking class and to start taking regular weekend trips, or day trips to somewhere we haven’t been before. I don’t always get the full weekend off work, so it’s important to make the most of it and actually do something with the time off! It will also make these posts more interesting if I discover new goodies on my trips too!


I was really pleased to join a baking class for macaroons. The last time I was in such a class was in school, so I was really happy about going to one! I was quiet at the start but by the end of the class I was chatting away with everyone and my confidence increased as my baking skills improved. I’m certainly no expert and still have a lot of practice to do before I can master macaroons, these were definitely my biggest challenge! The class was so much fun and I’m already thinking about what class I’d like to join next…bread making is high up on the list! 


As a huge coffee lover I was thrilled to be contacted by Cafepod about trying out their range of coffee. I was impressed with the range and look forward to posting a full blog review on my thoughts and how it squares up against Nespresso, plus a discount code for my readers! 


Having indulged in too many desserts recently, I thought I would search for healthier treats to snack on. Raw Bites by Boiglan have a range of interesting flavours. I was drawn to the cacao coffee and coconut bites , as well as the cacao and quinoa. Free from refined sugars, colours and preservatives, it sounds good but does it taste good?

The cacao and quinoa bites were the first of the two I tried. I love the chewy texture and bitesize squares. They really did taste of chocolate with a distinct taste of berries, which was a pleasant surprise. On closer inspection of the ingredients, I discovered that it did include berries – cranberries and goji berries, as well as pineapple juice and sultanas. 

The cacao coffee and coconut bites were more to my liking and my favourite of the two. They also contained similar ingredients (berries, pineapple juice) but amazingly they reminded me so much of dolly mixtures!! An oddly liquorice taste, I double checked the ingredients to see if there were fennel seeds included but there aren’t, so I’m mystified as to why they have that flavour. Neil also got the same result when he tried them – no complaints though, I loved them!


A photo posted by Sarah (@fromplatetopen) on


A photo posted by Sarah (@fromplatetopen) on


A photo posted by Sarah (@fromplatetopen) on

We were fortunate enough to be invited along to Bloom in the Park at the weekend, an event down in Dublin that brings together the best in food, drink and the art of gardening. Following a scenic journey on the Enterprise (train not spaceship), we brave travellers navigated the public transport system all the way to the expansive Phoenix Park. It was a glorious day with the sun splitting the rocks and there was no better way to ease into the spirit of the event than to partake of some fine red wine and white in a prize winning garden. Sipping Santa Rita 120 in a Chilean-inspired garden, I mused that I could get used to it with great ease. Neil and I then strolled through the other show gardens, particularly enjoying the Chinese themed entry. After a long day of stimulus to all the senses, we relaxed and quenched our thirst on some craft beer and cider, before making our contented way home. I really can’t recommend the event highly enough, so do please consider attending next year to share in the experience.


What foodie products have you been trying out lately? 


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    June 26, 2016

    I love that you’re doing baking lessons! What a fun idea.

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