Easy Potato And Seafood Chowder Pie

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Easy Potato And Seafood Chowder Pie. This seafood medley is simple to make and tasty for all the family. Fish, prawns, mussels and squid topped with potato.

Easy Potato And Seafood Chowder Pie
Well, this Easy Potato And Seafood Chowder Pie takes me right back to my school days, when we were taught how to make a basic cheese potato pie in Home Economics. I remember it well, because in this particular lesson my class unleashed mayhem! There were a couple of tearaways that the teacher  just couldn’t control, who were throwing potato peel around the classroom and talking back at her. Not that I was an angel, but Home Economics was a subject that I enjoyed and always paid attention in. Luckily, the potato pie was simple to make and tasty, or I doubt we’d have ever gotten through that lesson!

Easy Potato And Seafood Chowder Pie. This seafood medley is simple to make and tasty for all the family. Fish, prawns, mussels and squid topped with potato.

These days I rarely stick to the cheese and potato combination. I like to incorporate fish into our diets at least once a week and adding it to a potato pie is a great way to spruce up the basic version, whilst getting your weekly dose of omega 3.  Spring in Northern Ireland consists of rain, sleet and cold winds; so a comforting dish such as this is a welcome sight on the table, with a side of greens and a glass of white.

I say this recipe is simple, but you may look at the ingredients and think that’s a lot of  (expensive) fish and seafood to buy. Worry not, as many of the supermarkets have frozen bags of mixed seafood and packs of fish at reasonable prices, which would work wonderfully well in this. Failing that, you can make do with just a couple of cod fillets cut into pieces, I have done that many times before and also added peas/sweetcorn to the pie.

Easy Potato And Seafood Chowder Pie
Serves 4
Easy Potato And Seafood Chowder Pie. This seafood medley is simple to make and tasty for all the family. Fish, prawns, mussels and squid topped with potato.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 10 min
  1. 130g skinless and boneless cod pieces
  2. 130g skinless and boneless smoked cod pieces
  3. 130g skinless and boneless salmon pieces
  4. 100g mushrooms, sliced
  5. 60g cooked king prawns
  6. 40g cooked squid rings
  7. 110g shelled cooked mussels
  8. 200ml whole milk
  9. 60g butter
  10. 40g plain flour
  11. 125ml double cream
  12. salt and pepper to taste
  13. 900g potatoes, peeled and quartered
  14. a splash of milk (for the mash)
  15. a knob of butter
  16. handful of spring onions (optional)
  17. 50g grated cheddar cheese (optional)
  1. Preheat the oven 180c/160c(fan)
  2. Place all the fish pieces into a saucepan and cover with milk, bring to the boil and then simmer for 15 minutes. Transfer the fish to an oven proof dish and reserve the liquid for the sauce.
  3. Heat 15g of the butter in a frying pan and sauté the mushrooms. Spoon over the fish, along with the cooked mussels, prawns and squid rings.
  4. Add 45g of the butter to a saucepan, heat and stir in the flour. Cook for a couple of minutes, then take off the heat and add the reserved liquid gradually and keep stirring continuously.
  5. Return to the heat and bring to a boil then add the cream, keep stirring for a smooth sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Pour over the seafood and mushrooms in the dish.
  6. To make the mashed potato, add the potatoes in a saucepan of boiling salted water and boil for 15 - 20 minutes. Drain the potatoes from the water and then add a splash of milk and a knob of butter. Mash with a potato masher until smooth.
  7. Pile the mashed potato over the seafood and sauce and bake in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes or until golden brown.
  1. You can use one bag of mixed seafood if you don't have the individual pieces in your freezer.
  2. Optional: add a handful of spring onions to the potato just before mashing for champ instead.
  3. Optional: if you want to add a little grated cheese do so just before you put the pie in the oven to bake.
  4. 200ml covered enough for me but check you have enough milk incase you need more.
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Easy Potato And Seafood Chowder Pie
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  1. Leave a Reply

    April 13, 2016

    This is so clever ! I love the spin you put on a classic chowder. Well done !

  2. Leave a Reply

    April 13, 2016

    I haven’t ever tried this combination before – great idea!

  3. Leave a Reply

    April 12, 2016

    It looks like great, creamy comfort food! I love the idea of adding seafood in there.

  4. Leave a Reply

    Jolina - The Unlikely Baker
    April 12, 2016

    Love this comfort food and that frozen fish is an option! We don’t get a lot of fresh fish around here. Oh and we will definitely add that grated cheese on top 🙂

  5. Leave a Reply

    April 12, 2016

    This looks ridiculously good. Thank you for sharing! I’m definitely going to try this out before the weather warms up!

  6. Leave a Reply

    Mandee Pogue
    April 12, 2016

    This is unlike I have ever heard of, but it sounds delicious! I can’t wait to share with a couple seafood loving friends of mine! Great recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Leave a Reply

    April 12, 2016

    An interesting combination, which I have yet to meet. Looks appetizing 🙂

  8. Leave a Reply

    April 12, 2016

    I also took a home economics type class – it was one of my favourites! This also looks really good – I never would have thought to eat fish like this!

  9. Leave a Reply

    April 11, 2016

    This sounds beautiful but also simple. I love that it has a mixture of fish in it and a lovely creamy mash topping! Thank you so much for joining in with #CookOnceEatTwice as well!

  10. Leave a Reply

    Patricia @ Grab a Plate
    April 11, 2016

    This looks fabulous! I love seeing so many of my favorite types of seafood included in the mix, and definitely like that frozen is an option. Very nice!

    • Leave a Reply

      Sarah Montgomery
      April 12, 2016

      It makes it a lot easier when you can pick up a bag of mixed frozen seafood! Thanks for your comment, have a great day!

  11. Leave a Reply

    April 11, 2016

    I make a similar but slightly simpler recipe for my kids, it’s such a good family meal. Thanks for joining in with #CookBlogShare

    • Leave a Reply

      Sarah Montgomery
      April 12, 2016

      Thanks Mandy – pies are so good for family meals and usually get a lunch out of it the next day too. 🙂

  12. Leave a Reply

    April 11, 2016

    You have reminded me of just how good a cheese pie is. I haven’t made one for years and I’m now raring to to go.

    • Leave a Reply

      Sarah Montgomery
      April 12, 2016

      Yayy! It’s funny how you never see it served for lunch in pubs or the like – it’s so good!I’m glad I’ve reminded you.

  13. Leave a Reply

    Bintu | Recipes From A Pantry
    April 11, 2016

    My OH is wanting to invite some friends round for an impromtu supper tomorrow evening and I likethe idea of using up that bag of frozen fish we still have to make this.

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