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SimplyCook Food Subscription Box

SimplyCook Food Subscription Box
Over the past few weeks in January, Neil and I have enjoyed eating restaurant quality meals inspired from around the world and all ready in a timely manner. These weren’t microwavable meals (we rarely use a microwave) or in the form of a take away. It’s all thanks to SimplyCook, a food subscription service that has something different to add, in comparison to others on the market.


I like to be organised and meal plan but sometimes that doesn’t work out, either because something outside our schedule crops up or we’re just too tired. Naturally then, I am curious about food subscription boxes. Anything that offers a helping hand in the kitchen, whether it be a gadget or a cheaty shop-bought sauce is gladly welcomed.

SimplyCook Food Subscription Box

With SimplyCook, you can enjoy quick and flavoursome meals in 30 minutes. Each box contains 4 kits, in which you receive a recipe card and 3 flavour pots. All that’s left for you to do is purchase the fresh ingredients the recipe calls for. It’s as simple as that. So unlike other food subscription services where the fresh ingredients are included, you can decide when you want to cook the meals without the risk of wasting any. The numerous spice blends, pastes and rubs that come in the pots all benefit from a long shelf life too.

Each subscription box is designed with the season in mind and takes into consideration certain dietary requirements. As a result, shopping for ingredients is not difficult and you can grab them at the best bargains. In total there are 3 subscriptions to choose from: Discovery Box (flavours from around the world); Light box (calorie controlled); and Gluten free box, which speaks for itself. There is not a vegan/vegetarian box available at the moment, but check out my pros and cons listed at the bottom for what you can do if you are.

I waited with much anticipation for our box to arrive. Thankfully, the delivery was a speedy affair and I got the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. Inside was a selection picked by head chef Anisa, with the Winter and health being the focus points. The packaging is designed so it can fit through standard letter boxes and thank goodness for that. Our postman has a habit of either a) trying to force things through our letterbox (and subsequently breaking it) or b) leaving items in the ‘secure front porch’ which just so happens to resemble a plant pot. Because it is!


As a stationery addict, my eyes lit up at the beautifully designed recipe cards that were neatly tucked under the welcome note. I knew immediately that I would hole punch them for a keepsake in my recipe planner. I wasn’t expecting them to have been of as good a quality as they are. Each one has the recipe written out in plain English and a shopping list that you can tear out, which is a nice touch.

Cha Siu BBQ Pork

SimplyCook Food Subscription Box

I was impressed with how potent the sauce was, especially considering the pork had been coated mere minutes before cooking. The one thing I learnt was to make sure the pastes were stirred through properly, to avoid the risk of ending up with little clumps of too intense flavour. 

 Goan Fish Curry

SimplyCook Food Subscription Box

We love our curries and this tastes as good as anything you’d have served up in a restaurant. It’s not overly hot, but you can certainly taste each individual spice coming through. 


SimplyCook Food Subscription Box

Bokkeumbap is a Korean dish that’s an easy and inexpensive meal to cook. This is one you’ll want to keep for anytime you have leftover rice. It was probably the quickest one to make as well. I really liked this version of the dish, the sauces once again really delivered on flavour.

Iranian Vegetable Stew

SimplyCook Food Subscription Box
Just when I thought the Goan Fish Curry was going to be my favourite from the box, we made the Iranian Stew. Butternut squash, potatoes, tomatoes and spinach were the main ingredients. I also added carrots, but you can use whatever vegetables you have. The pastes and spices in this dish were exceedingly good. Neil also thoroughly enjoyed this dish and didn’t complain once about there being no meat. 

We found all the recipes both simple to follow and to adapt. The flavour pots are of a generous amount and you could easily double the recipe without losing the flavour. Whether you are a busy professional, or a novice in the kitchen seeking some variety, SimplyCook is for you. 

I noted there is no option to subscribe for a one off box, so this could be something they may want to think about including in the future. Many of their competitors offer trial boxes you are free to cancel at anytime you want. The box costs £8.99 a month. SimplyCook will choose what goes in your first box but after that you can log into your account and swap the recipes around!


  • the flavour pots are unique – you won’t find them in any supermarket!
  • the flavour pots are large enough to increase the meals to four
  • seasonal ingredients keep the cost down
  • try dishes you might not think of trying
  • you can easily adapt the recipes
  • speedy delivery and good packaging
  • inspire and increase your confidence in the kitchen


  • no one-off trial box (you can cancel before the next box arrives if you wish)
  • no vegetarian/vegan box (however you can swap and choose recipes after the first box) 
  • if you are a super busy person you may not have the time to go shopping for ingredients.

Fancy trying out SimplyCook? The staff at SimplyCook are offering a special discount for my readers. Try out the first box for a mere £3 instead of the usual £8.99. For unique flavour pots and excellent quality recipe cards, that’s a bargain! To get your discount, head over to SimplyCook and enter the code: FROMPLATETOPEN.

Let me know if you try out the box!

I was sent a SimplyCook Subscription Box for review. All my opinions are my own. 


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    February 7, 2016

    I’m a sucker for these type of subscription boxes. I love trying new flavours and recipes, so this looks good. Shame they don’t have a vegetarian box though.

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    February 7, 2016

    I recently reviewed Simply Cook too and we’re loving our boxes, really enjoying the meals and appreciating the option to swap recipes in and out if we like. Great flavours and you’re right, the recipe cards are beautifully designed!

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