Foodie Goodies – January Edition 2016

Foodie Goodies | February 2, 2016 | By

It’s my first Foodie Goodies of the year and I’m excited to invite you in to have a chat about the latest editions to our kitchen.

Foodie Goodies

Starting off with Grace Aloe Refresh Aloe Vera Drink in Original and Mango flavour. A sweet tasting drink with aloe vera, it has ‘bits’ like fresh orange juice only bigger. You can almost chew on them and get a burst of extra flavour. I have tried the original before, but didn’t know they had other flavours. The mango is my firm favourite, as I love mangoes so much already. These drinks are great at quenching your thirst, as they’re both refreshing and easy to drink. As someone who rarely takes fizzy drinks, I adore that these are non-fizzy.  I wonder what they would be like added in a mocktail? I may need to do some more experimenting. It does have added sugar, so I wouldn’t drink it all the time. Costs around £1 – £2 for a 500ml bottle available in most supermarkets including Tesco


Even though we aren’t American, we do stay up to watch the Super Bowl and I know we’ll be munching down on Pop Notch popcorn. I love this stuff so much I did a whole separate review on it. Link: Pop Notch Popcorn: Eat More Fun

Foodie Goodies

For months I have been looking for a recipe planner and was so happy to get one for Christmas. Me and My Big Ideas planners are A5 and perfect for decorating, with plenty of space for writing. I’ve been writing down ideas and my favourite recipes in it. It’s all good saving recipes on Pinterest, but sometimes just writing it down the old fashioned way is more individual. I could literally decorate and doodle in planners all day. Link to planner: Me and My Big Ideas. Also love these stickers and these sticky notes!

Foodie Goodies

Speaking of Christmas, I received a delicious packet of Maple and Pecan coffee beans from The Gilded Teapot and this fabulous coaster both from my Secret Santa, which I just adore. The coffee has such a distinct taste, very pleasing to me as a coffee enthusiast.  

P.S. I finally sent my first newsletter out in January and am very pleased with the results. It’s always fantastic to hear all your lovely comments and words of encouragement! If you haven’t signed up yet then please do so and don’t miss out on all the extra goodies I have in there! 

Grace Aloe Vera Refresh sent for review.  All opinions our my own. 


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    Katie Bryson
    February 2, 2016

    Oh my gosh… loving this post… from the divine sounding maple & pecan coffee beans to the delicious popcorn! I also like the idea of that recipe planner… i’m always scribbling my recipes down to write up on my blog later so it’d be good to have a more organised notebook that would then be a useful resource to dip in and out of!

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    Ceri @Natural Kitchen Adventures
    February 2, 2016

    Intrigued as to how that aloe water tastes. I tried something similar a while back and its a bit odd – but oh so good for the digestive tract. Always good to try new things!

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      Sarah Montgomery
      February 5, 2016

      I’m normally fussy when it comes to drinks but I really liked it. I let my Mum sample it yesterday. She’s really fussy and didn’t like the idea of drinking Aloe Vera so she wasn’t so keen on it.

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