Foodie Goodies Round Up #2

Foodie Goodies | August 24, 2015 | By

 We’ve been having a lot of fun with the BBQ over the past several weeks and that’s pretty much reflected in this latest Foodie Goodies round up. 

ASDA Chosen by you:

Moroccan Style Giant Cous Cous

Mediterranean Giant Cous Cous


Foodie Goodies Asda Cous Cous

If you looked in my cupboards, you’d probably find these packets of couscous from Asda’s chosen by you range. I love them for days when I can’t really be bothered with too much food preparation, but really want something that tastes good. Both flavoursome and satisfying, no-one would guess it’s from a packet. There are no artificial colourings or flavourings and they are also suitable for the vegetarians in your life. The moroccan style is sweet containing dried apricots, raisins, peppers and spiced with cumin and cinnamon. The mediterranean couscous is more savoury, with onions, tomato, mushrooms and grilled peppers. They’re cheap with one packet containing two servings and they only take 10 minutes to cook. You can serve with salad, BBQ chicken, or slices of roast beef. 


Marks and Spencer

Foodie Goodies Marks & Spencer Posh Dog Pickle relish

This jar of pickle relish from Marks and Spencer has converted everyone in my family from anti-gherkins to can-I-have-some-more-with-that please? Pickled gherkins with American style mustard and dill, this is a strong relish so a little goes a long way. Really delicious with hot dogs. I highly recommend giving it a go.

The Great British Sauce Co. Proper Brown Sauce

Foodie Goodies Great British Proper Brown Sauce

What British table doesn’t have brown sauce on it? Ever since I was a child, I can remember my mother placing the humble bottle of HP out on the table and the grumpy faces if it had been forgotten. I, however, was never a fan of it. It wasn’t until I was older that I acquired a taste for it. A bacon sandwich is not a bacon sandwich without brown sauce included (or corned beef for that matter). Recently we tried a different brand of brown sauce, quite by accident I might add. I had never heard of The Great British Sauce Co before until I saw it in Sainbury’s and made an impromptu purchase. We were impressed by the flavour, which was balanced and less tart than HP sauce. Considering that HP is no longer produced in the UK, I’m more than happy to support this young British company. They aptly named it ‘proper brown sauce’. 

Encona Hot Sauces 

Foodie Goodies Encona Sauces

As a food blogger it’s always nice to receive samples in the post. In this case I got to sample two new products from Encona. The Amarillo chilli sauce was my favourite of the bunch. Rated as medium, there is a lovely bite to it, but probably too hot for those used to mild sauces. They say it’s perfect for dipping, but I personally think it’s wasted as a dip; if you want to experience the best from it, use as a glaze for the likes of BBQ chicken. The Smokey Jalapeno sauce is mild, sweet and the kind of smokey that complements beef and pork dishes (gorgeous with pulled pork). At less than £2 each and available at most supermarkets, these are affordable sauces to buy if you’re looking to try something new.

Pimm’s Special Edition Strawberry

Foodie Goodies Pimms Limited Edition Strawberry

Summer isn’t quite the same without a glass of Pimm’s or two and after testing their canned version, I had to splash out on the £16 bottle. I tend to steer away from fruity flavoured wines as they are usually too sweet for my taste. This, however, wasn’t too sweet for me and you can taste the little hint of mint in there too. I’ve enjoyed this on it’s own and in a cocktail with vanilla syrup. Strawberry, mint and vanilla are a heavenly combination, in my humble opinion. I would say it’s on the expensive side, so if you wanted to try it, I’d look out for the little cans instead.


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    Sarah Arnold
    August 26, 2015

    Am I the only one not feeling the brown sauce?! I wish we had had the weather for a proper BBQ summer! I’m still holding out for it!

  2. Leave a Reply

    Sisley White
    August 25, 2015

    I haven’t tried the strawberry Pimm’s. I love the original and haven’t been brave enough to buy this version. I was worried about it very sweet and since you’ve said it isn’t I might give it a go now 🙂 x

  3. Leave a Reply

    August 25, 2015

    Wow – not sure if I’m more excited about the Strawberry Pimms or Smokey Jalapeno Sauce. Delicious!

  4. Leave a Reply

    Prateek Dasgupta
    August 25, 2015

    Great products, the couscous stands out for me , love the distinct North African flavors and the larger grains. The pickle relish also looks very good, personally a huge fan of gherkins so I won’t need much convincing 🙂

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