Weekend Wanderings #3

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Have you ever had your weekend all planned out and then for whatever reason, ended up doing something completely different? This was Neil and I over the last couple of days. We had decided we were going to go for a trip to Newcastle, but then spontaneously ended up going on a mini road trip to the Glens of Antrim.

Well, Islandmagee to be exact, which is a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. On such a beautiful day, we were surrounded by quiet countryside, beautiful coastlines and little villages. The most famous attraction in Islandmagee is probably the Glenoe Waterfall – a photography hotspot, that’s if you manage to go on a day when there’s less people around! Alas, being a Saturday and with the kids finishing up for the Summer holidays, it was quite busy when we got there. A group of kids were camping and rock climbing. One kid was rock climbing down the waterfall – not something I think I would have the guts to do!

glenoe waterfall
glenoe waterfall 
glenoe waterfall 
glenoe waterfall
glenoe waterfall
We spent a lot of time just driving about and taking in the views of the coastline. On the way back, we stopped off at the Tee Rooms in Greenisland but unfortunately we were half an hour too late! I definitely want to go back and check it out – it looks really nice! 
When we returned home, I decided to experiment with an old flapjack recipe. Although Neil liked them, I’m not 100% happy with the recipe just yet – remember in this post what I said about food bloggers being perfectionists? Yep…here’s a new example of that one! 
 flapjack recipe
We also tried out these new Tesco brand crunchy beetroot slices  – haven’t decided yet if I like them or not! I’m not a huge fan of beetroot anyway, so I’m blaming Neil on this one. However, if you are a fan of beetroot, you would probably like these a lot! I’m on the look out to see if they have any other similar veggie slices.
I wish I had taken more pictures of our wee trip, but we shall be returning there soon as The Gobbins is re-opening and there should be some incredible views of the coastline from there. Spontaneous trips are nice, but I think in future we’ll stick to our original plans! 
So how has your weekend been? Been on any recent unplanned trips or tried any new products lately? 

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    Sarah Arnold
    June 29, 2015

    I was once on Islandmagee and noticed nothing on it. So I’m glad of your post as there seems to be plenty to explore!! All I saw was views of Larne and maybe that put me off!

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      June 17, 2015

      It’s nice wee spot! Would love to go back during a week day when it’s more likely to be deserted! The Gobbins, too – when it opens!

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    June 16, 2015

    Wow! That looks like such an awesome place to visit! I love places that are green and pure and untouched by humans! I wish I can see that waterfall for myself someday. 🙂
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

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      June 17, 2015

      Yes Aria, it’s great to escape the city for the day and visit unspoilt places! Welcome to my blog btw – thanks for commenting. 🙂

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