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Picture the scene, it’s midweek and you’ve just planned out what you’re going to bake over the bank holiday weekend. You’ve got all your ingredients, you know you’ll have the kitchen to yourself and you can’t wait to share your bakes with friends and family. Then on comes the weekend and it all goes disastrously wrong.

This was my predicament on Saturday. I was baking a cake for Neil’s mum’s birthday; she loves lemon drizzle cake, so that’s what I originally was planning on doing. But no…I just couldn’t help myself. My creative mind was thinking of other possibilities. I guess I just wanted to make it extra special. So I played about with the recipe…and then I played about with it again.  Changing this for that. How about a cheesecake instead? Nah…how about a buttermilk cake? Yes! I’ve got buttermilk in the fridge…that’ll do

So you know how it goes. Music’s on…mood is high, everything appears to be going swimmingly well. And the kitchen smells oh so good. Almost too good. Time to check the cake. A simple skewer test tells me it’s cooked all the way through but something’s not right. It doesn’t look right. My heart sank. Normally with cakes you bake them and hand them to the recipient without tasting them (obviously you don’t want to give a cake to someone with a missing piece!) But I knew this cake was destined for the bin, just by looking at what resembled a glorious giant crumpet.

But I hate wasting food! The frosting was sitting in a bowl looking very forlorn. So in my distracted mind I plastered on the frosting (while the cake was still warm) thinking it would somehow make it look better. It really didn’t look better. It now looked like a giant crumpet disguised as a cake with melted lemon frosting. Ok…now I want to cry! I did a search on the internet and came across this really handy post on tips to fix your cake by blogger Call Me Pmc: How to Fix Cake Disasters. Even though there’s some great tips and reminders in there…nothing was going to save my cake this time around. The only thing this cake is feeding is the bin.  I sat in the kitchen pondering over where it all went wrong. I think maybe too much liquid. I tasted it and the texture was just off. Not light and fluffy like cake should be but too spongey/chewy. I let Neil taste it and he thought the same.

Neil’s face says it all

Luckily it wasn’t the only bake I was making over the weekend. The cake that was intended for Neil and I/friends has now become birthday cake for Neil’s mum. Here’s hoping she likes sweet potato…

What I’ve learnt from this… I have a creative mind stuck in an amateur baker’s body. If you’re baking a cake for someone stick to a tried and tested recipe and save the experiments for yourself and your partner to test out.

Have you had a recent cake disaster? Share your stories in the comments below.

P.S. Whilst I was searching the net I discovered you can actually make a crumpet cake. I’ve never heard of one before!

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    Emma (SitS)
    June 10, 2015

    Awwww nightmare! I’m intruiged by the crumpet cake though I wonder what it was that went wrong…happens to the best of us though 🙂 just have to laugh!

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    Day Dreaming Foodie
    May 4, 2015

    Oh I hope your Mum liked her cake!
    A cake disaster is always a bit of a downer – but dont forget, experiments can also wind us up at the craziest awesome new recipes ever 😀

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