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Music’s been on my mind a lot lately, having recently seen the Kurt Cobain film The Montage of Heck and with the Amy Winehouse film coming up soon, that I dearly want to see. You might be thinking I’m obsessed with dead musicians, but seriously most of the music I like, the artists are no longer with us. Watching all that old footage of Nirvana and the trailer for Amy, got me thinking about songs and the strong memories they can hold for us.

Do you remember those little musical jewellery boxes that flip open and a ballerina twirls around whilst a cute jingle plays? I always wished I could have something like that, only it would be a memory box, playing all the songs that have a personal meaning to me. Instead of a ballerina, I would want a projection of the artist playing.It’s funny because I have a memory box filled with letters and postcards etc, as well as playlists for getting ready, morning walks, favourite voices… but I didn’t have a playlist of memories.

Now, I could be super cool and list all the obscure alternative bands I love and be all ‘I’m such a serious muso etc’ but that would be a playlist to impress friends of my music knowledge, right? Or an attempt to convert some poor kid who listens to One Direction. But nah…this a memory playlist, so it’s going to contain some cheesy songs. I hope you guys enjoy this little trip down musical memory lane.



Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit 

I listened to pretty abysmal music until I discovered Nirvana in my teens. SLTS is the first single I clearly remember (or want to remember) buying. I played it to death. The B sides I really liked too, particularly ‘Even in his Youth’ and the album track ‘Drain You’, which is probably now one of my favourite Nirvana songs.

Joy Divison – Transmission 

I got moves like Ian Curtis…not really but this reminds me of my goth phase. It used to be played in a club I went to which was this tiny place that looked like a teen disco, complete with smoke machines that choked you. You would walk in and not be able to see where you were going for all the smoke! It became one of my “get ready” songs I’d play before going out.

Hole – Violet

Another song that was on my “get ready” list! Still sounds great after all these years. Any time I hear it, it brings back memories of experimenting with makeup – heavy black eyeliner was my bestie.

Amy Winehouse – Rehab 

Rehab reminds me of my old job. I hadn’t long started and it was completely different to anything I’d done in the past. Rehab used to be played on the radio constantly. My immediate thoughts were that the singer was a young black girl and probably just another pop singer. But when I saw Amy on Jools Holland and learnt she was a genuine singer/songwriter, I fell in love.

Green Day – Good Riddance (Time of your Life)

This has sad and happy memories for me. It reminds me of when my beloved cat died – he had white fur and the music video also features a white cat (all be it briefly 1 min into the video). Happy memory is, it was played a lot when I left school and I have happy memories of hearing them play it live at Reading Festival!

The War Song of the Urpneys 

This is from the cartoon The Dreamstone. It features Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Connolly and Frank Bruno. Just Awesome! I love playing this when I’m pottering about in the kitchen. It reminds me of when I used to sit up half the night watching cartoons and playing video games.


Ghostbusters theme will forever remind me of driving around in the early hours of the morning in a an old classic Mini Cooper (me in the passenger seat) with all the lights on full beam. We would find people staggering home completely drunk, put Ghostbusters on full blast and slowly coast past them. The look on their confused drunken faces…priceless!

Foo Fighters Everlong

I haven’t worked it out yet, but this song makes me feel sad every time I hear it, so for that reason I don’t play it a lot. I love it to death and the video is brilliant but I just want to cry when it comes on.

Aaliyah – More Than a Woman

Another artist who died before their time. This song still sounds so fresh. I loved this song, even though I was listening to Slipknot at the time. I heard the news of her death on the way to Leeds Festival and remember Eminem doing a 1 minute silence before he started his show.

SOAD – Sugar

System Of A Down reminds me of meeting Neil. Oh how I wish it was a romantic song but no! It’s this! We were both fans of the band and awkwardly went on a date both wearing the same SOAD t-shirt. Sugar was played a lot in the club we used to go to. <3

Gina G – Just a little Bit 

I was going to keep this at 10, but as the Eurovision Song Contest is on this weekend, I just had to add Gina G. I was really getting into my alternative rock at the time and this provided some light pop relief. I remember wanting her dress from the video so badly and I managed to get one similar! Always think of that dress when I hear this!

What would be in your musical memory box?


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    Karo Tockhorn
    May 25, 2015

    I loved this article !
    A memory box of music is such a great idea and I also really like some of the songs in your playlist eventhough mine would probably look fairly different 😉

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    my days ni
    May 22, 2015

    I love your idea of a music box! We have totally different tastes, but I laughed out loud at Ghostbusters! I really want to do that on Saturday night lol x

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      May 25, 2015

      Mel, it was so funny! The mini had like 6 lights at the front – the looks on their faces…I just wonder if they remembered the next day. Haha. 😉

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