Top 5 Current Favourite Smartphone Apps

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Top 5 Current Favourite Smartphone Apps

 I remember my excitement when I finally obtained my Nokia 3210 and how amazing it was to send a text message to someone, or have games like ‘Snake’ that I would lose myself in for endless hours. It’s hard to believe how much phone technology has evolved. How I ever survived without my iPhone, I’ll never know! It’s pretty much the first thing I reach for in the mornings, usually to turn the alarm off and check-in with social media. Today’s post is all about my favourite smartphone apps of the moment. I didn’t want to include the obvious, simply because I think it’s fair to say they are staples to most people; you probably already know the ones I’m talking about (bloglovin’, Instagram). So instead, I want to share some other apps I love, hoping one or two might be new discoveries for you.  

1. Ask Bobbi

 I’ve been playing around with this app from Bobbi Brown for quite a while now. It’s easy to navigate and very well illustrated. You can browse the products, read up on tips, and even book a free makeup lesson.  

2. Clue

 There are a few period trackers out there, but Clue is my favourite. You can record your mood, flow, pain etc…but best of all it isn’t pink! Clean interface and it does a good job at predicting your next period.

3. Wattpad

 If you like to find new books to read, no matter what the genre, Wattpad is a great place to go looking. All the books/short stories are free and primarily written by unpublished authors. 

4. Yummly

If you are looking for recipes or just ideas, this is a handy app to have. The interface is designed beautifully with good pictures and easy to follow instructions. You can set your taste preferences and receive recommendations based on that. You can save your fave recipes and there is also a shopping list option where you can add ingredients you need for those, or any other recipes you like. Alternatively, if you have an item you can scan it and see what recipes you might be able to use it in. 

5. UrbanSpoon

If you fancy going out for something to eat, this app is useful to discover places you might not have heard of to enjoy a breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can search for the type of meal you’d prefer, enter your price range and even make a reservation. It has a simple layout, making it easy to fully explore your dining options. 
What are your favourite smartphone apps, other than the usual suspects?
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    March 19, 2015

    I use yummly on my phone, but I like the stumble upon app too. I also like the S. Health Walking app that tracks your steps and calories burned.

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      March 19, 2015

      I must check the S. Health app, be interesting to see know how many steps I take when out walking the dog. Thanks for sharing.

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