An ickle Spring fashion and makeup haul

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As you can tell from the picture, I aint no fashion blogging Queen at posing for style posts. And this isn’t some epic shopping haul either. There’s only four pieces, so can I even call it a haul? My style is pretty casual most of the time, so that’s how I’ve tried to capture it in these pictures. I live in jeans, shorts, t-shirts, jumpers and cardigans. As I was getting ready to shoot a few pictures, Hannah got a bit sick and so she wouldn’t leave my side. She made herself comfortable near the items I’m sharing, so if you see a furry face (or butt) you’ll know who it belongs to!

fashion and makeup haul 2015, hannah the yorkshire terrier, yorkies 
fashion and makeup haul
fashion and makeup haul 2015 
spring fashion and makeup haul 2015

Fashion pieces

I was looking for a pair of white jeans without being ripped at the knees and a warmish coloured t-shirt for Spring. After browsing through a few clothing sites, I found exactly what I wanted on Missguided.

1. Cecily High Waist Supersoft White Skinny Jeans

These are super-soft and comfortable. I can’t wait to style these with my Shelley’s London cut out ankle boots. 

2. Boyfriend V Neck T-Shirt Peach

Loose fitting t-shirts are so comfortable to wear, especially in the warmer weather when you tend to sweat more. I got this in peach, as I think it’s more of a Spring shade.


1. Bourjois Colorband 2-1 Eyeshadow & Liner Beige Minimal What I like about this is that it doesn’t feel heavy on the lids like some cream eyeshadows do. The shade I was drawn to the most was Beige Minimal, as it’s bright and warm – perfect for Spring/Summer. The only negative is it’s not very pigmented, so you need to use up more product for the colour to shine through and of course an eyeshadow primer will help. 

2. MAC Something Special

I’m so pleased to get this! I had it on my valentine’s wish list. Peachy colours complement my pale skin so well. People always say I look well when I use pinky coral shades. This is a medium coverage creme blush which is very easy to blend in with your fingers or a brush, just pat it onto your cheeks.How would you define your style?


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    April 7, 2015

    Love the coral paired with white! =D

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      April 8, 2015

      they’re just mood lifting colours, aren’t they? glad you liked it.

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