Camphill Holywood Cafe

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Name: Camphill Holywood
Location: 8 Shore Road Holywood, Co Down.
Theme: Vegetarian and vegan
Price: £3.20- – £20

Camphill Holywood Cafe opened its doors in 1997 as a home bakery, cafe and shop in the bustling town of Holywood – home to none other than the handsome Jamie Dornan…oh and Rory McIlroy. The cafe is completely organic, with a vegetarian menu but also caters for other dietary needs, offering such items as gluten-free traybakes.

Camphill Holywood Cafe

It was very busy when we arrived at around 13.30, which gave me the opportunity to have a look at what they sell in the shop. Organic seasonal fruit and vegetables were on display, the majority being local produce. They have an excellent bakery with a selection of breads, all produced that morning by their own bakers. Finally, they boast a good range of familiar health brands such as Rude Health. 

Although it was bustling, we must have came at a good time and had no problem getting seated. The specials for the day consisted of a feta, spinach and mushroom quiche and a curried red lentil or tomato and basil soup. Neil ordered the quiche and I decided on the superfood salad, as well as ordering the obligatory coffee. 

Now, Neil isn’t a fan of vegetarian food (his face when he saw the menu teehee) but settled for the quiche. It came out artfully arranged and Neil proclaimed that it was light and fresh, with a not-overpowering aftertaste of cheese. He also observed that the side salad had some taste “unlike some bunch of leafs you get”.

Camphill Holywood Cafe
Camphill Holywood Cafe
I was keen to try the superfood salad and although the waitress struggled to tell me what all was in it, I got the gist: Cashew nuts; pickled onions; sesame beetroot; a tahini-ginger dressing; avocados; roasted sweet potatoes; and cranberries. It filled the whole plate and was both fresh and flavoursome. 

 The coffee was decent too. A much needed caffeine hit delivered! 
Camphill Holywood Cafe 
Camphill Holywood Cafe
The staff were very welcoming and swift to take our order and serve the food. The cafe itself is quite small, so if you fancy a visit, I’d suggest you make sure to get down early. We had to queue for a while to pay as the cafe had become really busy, with people waiting for tables to become available. 
I’m glad we’ve found another nice place to visit in Holywood. The fact that you can eat healthy meals, browse the shop for local produce and take away something from the bakery all in once place makes it a real gem! The food really was beautifully presented and of high quality, so a big thumbs up here.  
The only thing missing was Jamie Dornan..ah well..maybe next time. 


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      April 2, 2015

      Yeah..Neil only shared a tiny bit of it and he’s not a fan of vegetarian food. 😉

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