My quickie morning skin and makeup routine

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I am not a morning person, which is odd because I adore breakfast, but when it comes to everything else I value a no-fuss approach. I spend more time in the mornings eating breakfast and flicking through my social media accounts than getting ready, so why risk a burnout? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy putting my makeup on but dedicating time on it is a treat kept mainly for the weekends when I have more time.


morning makeup and skincare routine. get ready with me morning.


morning routine


morning skincare and makeup routine
As it’s coming into spring and I’ve changed my skincare regime, I thought I would walk you through a typical day.

I start off by dragging my zombified self into the shower, as there’s no better way to help you wake up than a cascade of hot water. I wash my face using Simple’s Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliation Wash. It’s mild and helps keep my breakouts at bay.
When I get out of the shower, I like to apply a body lotion. I don’t have time for lotions that take forever to sink into the skin, so I’m always on the lookout for quick drying creams. I’ve recently started to use Philosophy body lotion Fresh Cream and I am IN LOVE. A proper description of the scent eludes me…you really have to smell it for yourself. It’s like bottled freshness with a hint of vanilla. Smells good enough to eat!
After this, I start on my face. First I use a small amount of Botanics Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream and pat it in gently around my eye area. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.
Next up is serum. Q10 Skin defining serum by Nivea also a new addition. I love the yellow colour and the aroma as it’s totally Spring. So far I like it, it does tend to gather little clumps but they disappear as you’re patting it into your skin.
I normally skip moisturiser and primer, especially if I’m in a hurry. So for a quick and easy base I use Garnier Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One BB cream. It gives just the right amount of cover and moisture I need.
Concealer is the one product I don’t skip because I’m pale and every blemish shows up. Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer is brilliant for a quick fix. I dab it under my eyes, on any blemishes and pat it in with my fingers. Then I’ll set it with my favourite powder One Heck Of A Blot by Soap and Glory.
Moving onto the eyes:
I love Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadows and feel they are often overlooked.  Great pigment and easy to blend. I use the shade ‘Toast’ and with a MAC 217 swipe it in my crease area.
I skip eye curlers, so I like to use Benefit’s They’re Real as it gives me the length and curl I like.
For eyebrows, L’oreal Brow Art Plumper does the job of keeping my brows looking fuller and in place. Much quicker than spending time with a pencil and clear gel. 
On the cheeks I swipe Revlon Rose Haute for blush. I just think rose pink shade makes you look fresh and ready for the day.
For the lips:
Revlon Pink in the Afternoon is such a flattering day time shade. A peachy pink nude. Pretty for Spring! I like it that much I posted about it, which you can view here.

Hope you enjoyed this routine.

 What’s the one product you’d never skip, even in a hurry?



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