Round Up: Week Four of Veganuary

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Well here it is! The class of 2015 has come to an end. The past 31 days have been interesting and, I believe, beneficial to my health. I’ve learnt a lot and feel better for it. Happy to report that I didn’t lose any weight, which I was concerned about. (My weight has stayed the same). As it was the last week, I thought I would share what I’ve learnt over the past month rather than doing a breakdown of the past 7 days.

What going vegan for a month has taught me

Breakfast is heaven for vegans: smoothies; nana ice-cream; granola; baked oats; wholegrain bagels. The only breakfast you might miss is a greasy fry up!
Going vegan does improve your skin. I recommend that if you suffer from breakouts, cut back on dairy/meat and see the difference for yourself. Throughout January I didn’t have any need for spot treatments. I really wish I had taken photos of before and after so you could see. People around me have noticed and said my skin is looking great.

Going vegan is good for your digestive system. I suffer from cramps and bloating quite often. I found this has been reduced dramatically during January. 

I discovered that it’s hard to eat vegan in Northern Ireland. Basically everywhere I went only had soya milk as an alternative to dairy. Not good if you aren’t a fan of soya (like me) or have an allergy against it. Some places didn’t even have soya. There are a couple of choices. The Black Bear cafe (I reviewed them here) and Home restaurant were the two that stood out. 

Fruit and Veg are not boring. Well I’ll be honest, as a foodie I knew this anyway but I thought I would get bored after a week of not eating meat. Wrong! There’s so many different meals you can make to keep it interesting: stir fries; mashed spuds with veggie sausages; nana icecream with a caramel date paste; vegan banana bread; soups; even pasta or rice dishes.

I learnt that there are loads of vegan cookbooks out there if you need inspiration. Do a quick online and see for yourself. Keep it Vegan by Aine Carlin is a good one for beginners. Nice pictures and clear cooking instructions.

Coyo coconut milk yogurt is simply DIVINE! Creamy and delicious. You’ll never want to eat normal yogurt again. I’ve tried other coconut flavoured yogurts and this beats them hands down!
Veggie burgers are so good! And there are a good variety too. Tesco’s own brand and Amy’s Kitchen were the burgers I enjoyed the most.
Rice chocolate is pretty damn good! I didn’t particularly miss dairy chocolate. I got my kicks from cacao nibs and rice chocolate. I did a review on the brand Moo Free, which I recommend particularly if you have kiddies.

As we are now into February I will be returning to eating eggs and meat. However, due to the benefits from cutting back I’m definitely going to reduce my intake of dairy/meat. I suppose I can call myself a part-time vegan! Have you ever thought of going vegan? Did you also do Veganuary? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it!

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