Meet Hannah: The Cutest Yorkie in Town

Hannah | February 6, 2015 | By

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll know I have a little fur baby called Hannah, who in my opinion is the cutest Yorkie in town. I thought it was high time I formally introduced you to her. 
Hannah the yorkie

Hannah is a Yorkshire Terrier and we’ve had her since she was six months old.  Her original owner breeds and sells Yorkies, but really wanted to keep Hannah. Sadly due to the fact she was battling cancer, she had to give little Hannah up. Of course we were over the moon to be the ones that got her. Eight years on, she has brought nothing but joy and love into our lives. And she has her own little fan base! A 30 minute walk usually ends up being over an hour, as many passerby’s will stop to coo over her. One time in the park we were literally surrounded by a group of little kids who wanted to pat her. That’s the great thing about owning a dog, people actually talk to you!

Hannah the yorkie
Many people think she’s still a puppy because she is so small and playful, although she’s wary around people she doesn’t know. It takes her a while before she trusts people. I remember when we first brought her home and she lay in her bed just staring up at me and would shiver if I picked her up and set her on my knees.

Typically for a small dog, she thinks she’s bigger than she is and likes to bark at the big dogs! One time she got a bit too close and boisterous towards a border collie (that was behind a gate), it managed to grab her through the bars and break her jaw, scaring the life out of all of us!!  We had her on an extendable lead, which I blamed. Admittedly, it was partly our fault too for letting her get close to the gate. Seriously though, extendable leads are dangerous if you aren’t constantly attentive;  lesson learnt the hard way. Now we keep her lead short so we have more control and she can’t stray too far. 

We are normally very careful when we take her out for walks as she’s very nervous of dogs now. We will pick her up and carry her until we’ve passed any, Hannah of course shivering and barking at the same time! It’s probably not what you’re supposed to do but we don’t care. We aren’t risking her getting attacked again. She’s tiny after all!! Yet despite her diminutive stature, she loves her exercise and could walk for miles before getting tired!

Hannah the yorkie

Small dogs have a reputation for being ‘yappy’ but this couldn’t be further form the truth as far as Hannah is concerned. She will bark at the postman (like any dog) and she barks at other dogs. Apart from that, she’s pretty quiet! Well…she snores…sometimes!

In terms of diet, her food consists of dry food rather than wet food. This was advised from our vet after a few tummy upsets she was having. She still gets treats, though. She absolutely loves sausages and cheese! And if she’s very good… a little bit of cream! As for dog treats, Schmackos are her favourite!


The only problem with owning a small dog is that you’ve got to be careful not to trip over them or stand on their tail! A bell on the collar is handy to hear where they are (normally right at your heel when you’re trying to cook!).
 I really think Yorkies make great family pets. Kids and grannys love them!  They are very loveable, loyal and will greet you like no one else when you come home.

Have you got any pets? Please share your pictures of them on twitter or comment below! If you liked this post, please share it!


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    Rebecca Marie
    February 13, 2015

    Absolutely adorable! Lovely post 🙂
    Rebecca // xx

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