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January is the month when a lot of us decide to go on detoxing programmes or weight loss diets after the festive overindulgence. I recently heard about Veganuary – basically to go vegan during the entire month of January. That’s a pretty tough challenge for a meat eating, cheese loving gal, but its one I am determined to have a go at.

During my teens I went vegetarian, which lasted for a startling two years. The reason I did so was because I disagreed with how animals were treated (slaughtered); I remember watching a disturbingly graphic documentary on tv about it. I was determined to remain so but then came along my carnivore boyfriend. Whilst I tucked into a veggie burger, that sweet smell of bacon was too much to deny! It wasn’t long until I reverted back to my meat eating ways. 
My reasons for taking part in Veganuary are different from my earlier stance on meat. First, I just want the challenge! Can I get past the first week without having a sneaky bit of cheddar cheese? Second, I want to see how the cafes/restaurants that I visit over the month cater for vegans. How creative are they with their dishes. etc. Thirdly, is for promoting good health. Recently my energy levels are just low and I’m relying on coffee to keep me going. I want to see if I actually feel and look any better by the end of it. I hope not to lose weight, as I’m the right size for me but I want to see if going vegan will improve my skin. I’m going to weigh myself anyway at the beginning and the end of the month. Who knows, maybe I’ll even gain weight…if I can make it!
Have any of you gone vegan for a month before? I’d love to hear about your experiences and any tips/recipes you might have! Also, if you are interested in following my journey, please subscribe to my blog or follow me on twitter. Thanks! 


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