Round Up: Week Two of Veganuary

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People aren’t particularly fond of vegans, are they? That’s what I’ve discovered by the end of week two. Boring vegans, pretentious lot! And it’s strange, really. Why would anyone care about what you eat? 

Anyhow, I’m glad to say I’ve completed this week without any slip ups and finally got my hands on some coconut yogurt. Here’s my round up…

Jan 8th

I’m a creature of habit and ever since I discovered these wholegrain bagels I’ve been obsessed with them. My favourite combos are either with almond butter and banana or avocado with seasoning (chilli flakes). Also tried out Hummus crisps and Terra Blues chips that I purchased from a health shop (cheaper than from Amazon). Both were tasty. Even N liked them! 

 Jan 9th

Vegusto have a special offer for new customers, 40% off on their starter pack. I was tempted but the shipping (included in the price) is exclusive to the mainland only. And to order from Amazon was going to cost £9.99 as well! I can’t justify that for cheese and mushroom burgers..I’ll make my own for less, thanks! 

Jan 10th


I wouldn’t normally drink green smoothies but as we had so much kale that needed using up, I decided to make one. Turned out really nice and refreshing. I added avocado/kale/apple and baobab powder with almond milk. Also couldn’t resist buying a hand stitched notebook from Paperchase. 

Jan 11th

Love Sundays for just lazing around the house, watching Sunday Brunch and browsing the net. I had granola for breakfast.

Meal highlight: cooked vegan pasta dish for lunch. Pasta, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and mushrooms, which kept me filled up until dinner. 

Jan 12th

A warm bowl of oats with almond butter was a good start to the day, especially as the weather has been steadily getting colder! It’s hard to muster the energy to walk Hannah, sometimes she refuses to go when it’s this cold, too! 

Jan 13th

Today I discovered the deliciousness of co-yo coconut milk yogurt. I don’t know how many supermarkets I’ve been to in my quest to find a decent vegan coconut yogurt, but it was all worth the hassle! “Heaven in a mouthful” is how they describe it and I have to agree. It makes for a wonderful creamy dessert. I added a tsp of flaxseed and cacao powder to mine. 

Meal highlight: I made a huge bowl of rice with pecans and anything I could find in the house – mushrooms/kale…I might do a blog post on the recipe because it was just so good!

Jan 14th

 Today marks two weeks of Veganuary. I’ve had cravings for eggs and cheese more than meat! I think my skin is looking better from all the extra fruit ‘n’ veg – no nasty breakouts as of yet.
I’m pleased I found a coconut yogurt I like. Almond yogurt keeps eluding me, however. I did find a homemade recipe from the blog Wake up Vegan so I might give it a try! Disappointed I haven’t tried any cheese that tastes good though. 

How has week two being going for you? What are you craving the most?


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