Round up: Week Three of Veganuary

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My third week round up of living as a vegan. I made a couple of foodie discoveries and I’ve been thinking about cruelty free beauty products…

Jan 16th

 Neil and I were going to go order a pizza from Dominoes but after I checked their FAQ, I learnt that their pizzas aren’t vegan. Even their vegetarian pizzas are not made in a separate cooking area from their meaty friends. The good news is I discovered that Nandos have vegan options, the bad news is there’s no Nandos nearby!

Jan 17th

Searching for a vegan cookbook as I know I will continue eating less meat once veganuary is over. Thug Kitchen caught my eye! I want to try the recipe ‘Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos’… now doesn’t that just sound so good?

Jan 18th

 Nothing beats a Sunday roast, right? I craved a roast beef dinner and creamy mashed potatoes. Instead I experimented with a potato salad, which in the end I wasn’t 100% pleased with. But it wasn’t all bad, as I discovered that vegan salad cream (I used Mayola) is just as nice as the regular stuff. You really wouldn’t notice the difference!

 Jan 19th:

I made the most delicious and filling breakfast! Overnight oats with banana, almond butter, chia seeds, maple syrup, walnuts and cacao nibs. I could eat breakfast food all day. 

Jan 20th

Today I’ve been thinking about beauty products. There are some great cruelty free brands out there: The Body Shop, Lush, Aveda and I was delighted to learn that Soap & Glory is included in that list! I love the scent of Soap & Glory and they have great 50s style packaging. I have a mixture of their travel sized products and I’m trying to save them incase I go on holiday…tough task to resist! 

Jan 21st

One thing about being vegan is there’s still lots of tasty treats you can have. I bought some rice chocolate from the brand Moo Free and I was impressed. I’ll be posting a review on it very soon, so watch out for it. 

Jan 22nd

Well it’s hard to believe there’s only one more week to go! I have really noticed an improvement in my skin and my stomach doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much. My cravings for cheese and eggs are as strong as ever and I honestly can’t wait to have a fried egg come February! My goal for the final week is to eat out somewhere and see how varied the menu’s are/aren’t for vegans. 

How has your week been?
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