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I thought I would do a little round up of my first week as vegan. Highlighting my favourites meals, some obstacles and maybe I even have an confession to make…

Jan 1st:


 “Happy New year!” echoes around my house, drinks clinking, mum ringing the doorbell and in she comes with a lump of coal in hand and then there’s me, sticking my head from around the kitchen, having literally just gobbled up a few more sausage rolls, salami and assorted cheeses at 11.59. The last feast! Now Veganuary has begun! I had a very long lie in, so missed breakfast. First thing I did was weigh myself. Like I said in my previous post, I’m not looking to lose weight but just interested in keeping tabs on it. I had a cup of black tea and an apple before heading out for lunch. Lunch was probably the highlight of the day; curried lentil soup, wholegrain bread and a bit later a black coffee. I’m already learning that the cafes here have no milk alternative other than soya, which I am not keen on. It was quite late on and still a bit hungover so didn’t go food shopping, meaning I had to make do with what I already had. Potato wedges, one avocado baked, filled with sweetcorn and lightly seasoned. Supper was a cup of tea and a mere slice of toast with almond butter.

Jan 2nd: 


Time to go food shopping! Stocked up on fruit, veg, noodles, rice and raspberry soya yogurts from Tesco’s Free From range. These were the only vegan friendly alternatives I could find at the time. I really wanted coconut yogurt but couldn’t see any other brands in stock – Tesco’s own low fat coconut yogurt contains milk! I’ve heard you can get almond yogurt too, which would suit me. I’m adding that to my “quest list”. Meal highlight: a veggie stir fry. Stir fries forever remind me of my H.E GCSEs as I remember making a beef stir fry as part of the exams. Anyway, this turned out really nice and reignited my love for cooking stir fries! Mushrooms, broccoli, mixed peppers, onions, cauliflower, noodles and a generous sprinkling of chopped kale added at the end.

PS: I thought I would try out the Tesco soya yogurts for supper. Despite my lack of love for soya these weren’t too bad; on it’s own I couldn’t eat it as there was an after taste, but mixing with hazelnuts rectified this.

Jan 3rd:

Great start to the day!! Meal highlight: homemade granola for breakfast which was sssooo good I had to blog about it. You can read that right here. If I could bottle the smell coming from the kitchen I would have!

Dinner: Time to try out the veggie burgers I had bought. This reminded me of my brief vegetarian phase years back. They tasted the same. I guess a standard veggie burger wouldn’t change much! I made two of them and put them in a wholegrain bap with some beans on the side.

Jan 4th:


Does anywhere in this country serve almond/oat/rice milk?? Soya everywhere I’ve been to!

Meal highlight: I made soup with sweet potato, red pepper and kale. It was pretty good but I think I can improve on it for next time. Too much garlic.

That evening I was playing Limbo on the xbox – so much fun! I had a cup of tea and a double chocolate bar from The Frank Food Company. I have to say I was really looking forward to trying this and was so disappointed that I didn’t like it! I love their orange and blueberry bars but this was very dry and just not appealing.

Jan 5th:


Today was my mum’s birthday and my other half got word of a new job. I knew staying vegan for this day would be the hardest. So I have a confession to make…I broke it. There was a Victoria style sponge cake from M&S that I couldn’t say no to. And then there was the sausage rolls my dad had made. Not to mention the ribs. Agh. Bad me. But it was a day of celebration!  I’m still going to do my best to complete the rest of the month vegan style! BTW, I felt sick later on that evening! 

Jan 6th:


Another cafe, another let down! This time they had zero milk alternative at all! Lucky for me I’m acquiring a taste for black coffee. Discovered a handy website called Barnivore, were you can check if your alcohol is vegan friendly. 

Jan 7th:



Today marks the first week! I feel slightly disappointed that I didn’t complete the full week but I have intention’s on completing the rest of it. Luckily there are no more birthdays in January!!! I tried the vegan cheese I got from Well Eat’s health shop on the Lisburn Road and, frankly, it was rubbery and had no real taste! So my quest for a decent vegan cheese continues! If you know any good brands, please let me know!

Thanks for reading and let me know how Veganuary’s going for you, I would love to hear!

PS: I have a brand spanking new template, did you notice? 😉


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