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It might seem a bit odd to write a review on a limited edition brush, but I have two main reasons for this. One, because I love it. And two, because the more we talk about it then maybe…just maybe, Wayne will see the light and make it a regular brush. It was due both to high demand and good reviews that Wayne took the decision to re-release it this Christmas. Also, as of this day the black brush is still available on Beautylish! So if you feel like treating yourself or someone else, you better hurry! 
Anyway, on with my review..

Anyone familiar with beauty youtubers should know about Wayne Goss, a professional makeup artist and youtuber. I personally love his videos, because he comes across as genuine and his makeup tips are some of the best youtube has to offer. He has a number of makeup brushes that are popular but the holiday brush was one I always had my eye out for. 

 Why all the fuss? It’s just a powder brush, right?! Wrong! This is by no means a budget brush; this is full on luxury. Hand crafted in Japan using goats hair that’s left natural and not cut. It takes 20 people to make a single brush. As soon as I opened the box, I couldn’t help stroking it over my face because it feels so exquisitely silky, yet it’s not so soft that it won’t pick up pigment. And the best thing about it, is it’s versatility: Mineral/powder foundation; bronzer; blush; setting powder; even highlighter…this brush covers the lot. I find it to be aptly named, not just because it was released for Christmas, but because I would take it with me on holiday rather than an array of powder brushes. 
I’ve been testing it out for around two weeks now and I’m pleased with the results. It has a round head with a tapered point, making it easy to contour/highlight with or set powder under your eyes. It washes well too, retaining its shape and thus far I’ve had no problems with the hair shedding. The best comparison would be the MAC 138, with the same shape and a similar size – the MAC has a longer handle and is not as soft, nor does it pick up the same amount of pigment.
If you can get your hands on this brush it’s well worth the money. It looks and feels fabulous. Most importantly, it gets the job done quickly without fuss.
What are your thoughts on limited edition brushes? Are they must haves or just gimmicks? Leave your comments below. If you enjoyed this post, please share it!
P.S.: C’mon Wayne..make it a regular brush! 


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