Mulled Wine From a Packet That Tastes Delicious

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I love mulled wine. So when myself and my companion were browsing through Donaghadee Garden Centre  I couldn’t pass up a free glass that was on offer. We both liked it very much and without much hesitation decided to pick up two manila packets on our way out.


old hamlet wine and spice company

They are produced by Old Hamlet Wine and Spice Company who for over 30 years have been producing mulled wine and chilled drinks as well as sauces, dressings and dips for many retail companies in the UK. 
Our packets came from their fair trade range. Blended sugars, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. All 100% fair trade. 
Instruction are simple:
Pour a bottle of red wine (I used cheap wine). Add the contents of the packet and heat gently before serving. (Boiling will only evaporate the alcohol and we can’t be having that!). 
The description on the sachet says “simple and delicious” and I agree. This doesn’t taste like it came from a packet. It tastes of good quality. Flavoursome without being too sweet and warming for these cold days.  I don’t think homemade mulled wine would tastes any better. 
I’m definitely going to be purchasing more of their range the next time I visit the garden centre! 
Are you a fan of mulled wine? 


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