5 Simple Ways to use Face Wipes other than just your Face

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Face wipes will forever remind me of the mud-riddled fields of the music festivals I used to frequent in my rebellious youth. Three crazy days of rock ‘n’ roll, dirt, sweat and smudged eyeliner. Face wipes were an essential item to bring if you wanted to feel remotely clean and fresh. All that muck and the hopelessly intoxicated festival goers setting the portable toilets on fire (I was very lucky to dodge a flying toilet seat that hurtled by) just added to the experience! In the more mundane setting of everyday life I’ve come to the conclusion that face wipes alone are not good for proper cleansing, and anyway they’re generally not good for the environment, which is why I always use bio-degradable wipes. I do accept that these will almost inevitably cost more than their environmentally unfriendly cousins, but my personal favourite is ‘Yes To’. Now in terms of my regular makeup removal regime, I prefer to let the wipes do the grunt work and then move on to a proper cleanser to remove any remaining trace of makeup. However, the humble face wipe is vastly more versatile than just this.

1. Spot clean makeup brushes

 I always deep cleanse my brushes once a week but for a quick clean I find a face wipe is a simple and effective way to clean them. 

2. Remove hair dye from your forehead/neck

 Whether you dye your own hair at home or get it done at the hairdressers, there is normally some hair dye stained around your forehead/neck area. Face wipes are a gentle way to remove such stains.

3. Clean your makeup bag

 Why do they get so dirty? Or is it just me?! Take everything out and use a wipe to clean the inside of your makeup bag. Bingo, clean makeup bag. Put everything back in and you’re good to go.


4. Get rid of deodorant marks on dark clothing

 Using a wipe to remove deodorant marks is a life saver!

5. Wipe down table in a cafe/restaurants

 Yes, I am that person that cleans the table in cafes and checks that the cutlery is stain free. (For the record I don’t use wipes to clean cutlery just the table/chair). 

What’s your tips on using face wipes, let me know in the comments below, thanks! 


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