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Halloween always conjures up memories of eating toffee apples, watching scary movies, trick or treating and making up spells to cast on boys. Fast forward oh so many years and little has changed. Still scoffing those toffee apples, watching the latest scary movies and of course casting spells (be afraid!). This Halloween falls on a Friday, which means we’ve got the whole weekend for macabre merriment! So with that, I’d like to share my top 5s. What’s on yours?


Top 5 movies

1. Near Dark – This is an utter classic. I haven’t seen any other vampire film like it. 
2. Pontypool – This is a zombie film with a difference. 
3. The Ring – Has to be the original Japanese version. Very scary! 
4. Grave Encounters – Ghost-hunting reality tv show gone wrong. 
5. Lake Mungo – A tragic death triggers unsettling visitations from the other side. 

Top 5 books 

1. Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. If you want to read a werewolf story then I recommend picking this up! It follows the story of Elena, the world’s only female werewolf (she’s like the Buffy of of the Werewolf world!). 
2. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. The quintessential ghost story with the eerie, isolated setting of Eel Marsh and a truly terrifying spectre.
3. Hell House by Richard Matheson. Four investigators brave the lethal supernatural interior of an infamous haunted house.
4. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Often copied but never surpassed, this is the source material for numerous lesser books and movies about hauntings. Do yourself a favour and experience a creepy masterpiece.
5. Ghost Story by Peter Straub. A group of friends meet to exchange ghost stories following the demise of one of their number, but there is far more than tall tales involved.

Top 5 songs

 If you’re making a playlist, I think these are great songs to include.

1. Thriller – Michael Jackson
2. You’re so Dark – Arctic monkeys
3. Lullaby – The Cure
4. Walk like a Zombie – Horrorpops
5. Countess Bathory – Venom

Top 5 treats/tableware 

1. Toffee apples. No Halloween is complete without the classic toffee apple! 

2. Hazel Jane’s quick and easy treats
3. Haribo Party Time Tub 720G  from Tesco – keep the trick or treaters happy!
4. If you’re looking for party plates, I like Asda’s Kids Halloween Party Bundle  
5. I love The Idea Room’s Ghost Krispies. Quick and easy!

Top 5 games 

1. Outlast – If you’re into console games, this one set in an asylum has a great spooky atmosphere! 
2. The Evil Within – Another console game. This looks like a really good survival horror! Have any of you got it? I’m very tempted to get it for the weekend. 
3.  Ghost Piñata  Taken from the blog ‘A Beautiful Mess’. Love this! 
4. Bobbin’ for apples – Like the toffee apples, Halloween isn’t Halloween without this game! 
5.Drinking game –  The game is simple. Put on a scary movie. Take a shot every time someone gets killed, or chug back a drink every time scary music plays. Add your own rules and mix it up! And if the movie is bad, at least you’ll still be having fun!

Have a spooktastic Halloween, everyone! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Bloglovin and share your top 5s! 


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