5 Simple Ways to Jazz up Weetabix

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If I was on a deserted Island I would name it the land of Bix and I would have an endless supply of Weetabix to hand. I would lure in the mermaids using it, I would keep it in a treasure chest and treat it like gold. As you might’ve guessed, I love the stuff! Either for breakfast or as a midnight snack, there isn’t much you can’t do with it! For these reasons, I’ve picked it for my 5 Simple ways topic. I hope it gives you some ideas and if you have any more, please share by leaving a comment! As aways, thanks for stopping by! 

5 Simple Ways to Jazz up Weetabix

1: Eat it DRY: 

I used to love eating it this way when I was a kid and i’ve rediscovered my love for it. Simply put 1 -2 Weetabix on a plate. Then add almond butter, lashings of honey and sliced banana on top. Or you could try it with jam and cream. How about peanut butter? Experiment! The choice is endless! 

2: Eat it COLD:

The good fashioned way. 2 Weetabix in a bowl with icey cold milk of your choice and add fruit. I particular love blueberries when in season or adding flaxseed.

3: Eat it WARM:

 For those cold winter mornings there is nothing better than a delicious bowl of hot weetabix. Heat your milk of choice then add 2 weetabix. Add a splash of cinnamon to taste. At the moment I’ve been adding a tablespoon of almond butter pumpkin spice to mine (cinnamon/ginger/cloves). 

4: Why not DRINK it:

 If you’re in a rush and want something quick, why not try a hot chocolate Weetabix smoothie?

For mine I add;

 1 Weetabix
1 ripe banana 
1 tablespoon of cacaco powder 
2 cups of almond milk (any milk will do – your choice).
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
Put all the ingredients into a blender (apart from the milk) and blend together then slowly add warm milk. Blend for another couple of minutes until the mixture is smooth. Serve immediately. 

5: How about trying it on your FACE?

Face masks can be expensive so why not make you own? It’s simple: 

 1/2  Weetabix, crush it up in a bowl. 
1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of natural yogurt
1/2 a banana.

Mix it all up together and leave on your face for 15 minutes. Rinse off with cool water and hey presto: soft and smooth skin!How do you like your Weetabix? 


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