Shoot up on Wheatgrass Juice with Squeeze juice Cafe

Wheatgrass juice is in my opinion the marmite of the juicing world; you either love it or hate it.
If you love it, then you’ll know it can be time-consuming to prepare. For a start, you’ll need to grow your own wheatgrass (fresh wheatgrass is unprocessed so it will always be more nutritious than the powdered versions). And then you’ll need to purchase a special juicer as wheatgrass tends to clog up a normal blender.  Or if you’re like me, just too damn lazy to be bothered with such hassles (especially in the morning).

Now recently I’ve been reading up on green smoothies and their health benefits. Wheatgrass in particular is thought of as a ‘superfood’. It helps in the fight against obesity, indigestion and is a liver/blood protector.
This lead me to discover Squeeze Juice Cafe; the UK’s only juice producer of a Ready to Drink Wheatgrass shot.
I wanted to give it a try and ordered a 7 day pack from their website. 
Within a few days my wheatgrass juice package arrived. Inside the box was individual shot-sized sachets (30ml). Well sealed for freshness, I needed a pair of scissors to open and then poured this lovely goodness into a small glass.
 The smell is what I noticed first, a strong grassy smell, which is not particular pleasant (but don’t let that put you off!) The taste is of high quality as if you’d just freshly made it yourself. 


So  that’s all you have to do! Open and pour into a glass! No growing your own wheatgrass, blending or any defrosting malarky! And if you do want to add it to a juice/smoothie, you can just pour the sachet into a normal blender along with the rest of your ingredients. 
If you are interested in adding wheatgrass to your diet, I recommend checking out Squeeze Juice Cafe. You can check their website HERE
Do you like wheatgrass? 


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