Bright Living Cafe Belfast

Tucked away in the corner of Kings Square Belfast, what you might mistake as just another granny shop is Bright Living. Cafe A unique gift shop that has a great range of products from stationary, to jewellery and handbags. But best of all, upstairs is a fantastic cafe with a yummy selection of beverages, tray bakes and a tempting lunch menu.

And tempted I was!! On my lunch break, I headed straight there for a quick bite to eat.After a browse around the shop, I headed upstairs to the cafe. It has a really friendly atmosphere, bright and airy with lovely paintings hanging from the walls. The tables are spaciously laid out and there’s a mix of sofa style seats with cushions to the more standard hard back chairs. 

Bright Living Cafe
view from my seat

I parked myself on one of the sofa style seats and wasn’t alone for too long before a bubbly member of staff took my order; an americano and a toastie filled with bacon, brie and cranberry, cheers!

The coffee came in no time at all and I enjoyed sitting back on the sofa sipping my americano, just relaxing whilst waiting on my toastie. I had to wait for a while before it came out, served with a salad on the side plus cheese and onion flavoured crisps. The side salad (if that’s what you would call it) is something I could’ve lived without. Like a lot of places, it’s just bits of lettuce, cheese, tomato and some dressing thrown on top; not the most appetising! But hey, I didn’t ask for a salad and it’s probably on there for presentation. Onto the main event; the toastie. It was very, very good. Just the right amount of cranberry (so many places drown food in it!) the brie was sliced not too thickly and the bacon wasn’t fatty or too salty. The granary bread I had asked for had the right amount of crunch to it. I was sorely tempted to try one of the tray bakes on offer but simply didn’t have time. I did however overhear a customer saying they really liked theirs – a fifteen  (aaww one of my favourite buns too!). 

Bright Living Cafe

If you’re ever in the area, I recommend Bright Living for gift ideas and, of course, the cafe. The staff are always welcoming and the menu ticks all the boxes for what you would want for a light brunch/lunch. 


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