Baby, Let’s Eat Nakd!

During a recent trip to the supermarket I was browsing through the health food aisle when I spied a selection of the Nakd Bars. I’d heard people talking about them before. A healthy alternative snack to the more sugary options out there. So I decided to buy a multi pack of the bars and the latest additional to their range – Nakd Bits.

So what exactly are these snacks called Nakd?


Well, for a start they are free of a lot of things; gluten, dairy and wheat free to be precise. They contain no added sugar or syrups, are low in saturated fats and they count as 1 of your 5 a day. Now if you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true you might just be surprised (I was!) because these taste good! They taste really good!! 
The first one I sampled was from the newest of their range – The Nakd Bits. These are bite size versions of the bars. I chose the Coco Delight flavour. I didn’t think they looked particular appealing  but the texture was smooth, almost like a chunk of fudge. But what I was most impressed with was the taste. A chocolatey, fruity flavour which was not too sweet. Chewy and moist. I was only going to have one but ended up eating 3 or 4!
The second one I tried was one of the bars – Berry Delight. Again, I was impressed by the flavour. You can really taste the berries. Sweeter than the Coco Delight but not sickly so.
The last one I tasted was the rhubarb and custard bar. This was my least favourite of the three. The rhubarb tasted more like raisins, which was a real letdown. I definitely think they could improve on this one. 
In summary
I think these are great for an in-between meal snack if you are craving sugar and want to keep the hunger at bay. The packaging is nice, easy to distinguish the flavours from the colours (eg red = berry delight) and easy to tear open (no pesky scissoring required!). I would however like them to explain what they mean by ‘natural flavours’ in their ingredients list, why not list what they are? 
Overall, I’m impressed with the Nakd range and will be purchasing a few more. You might pay more for these compared to other cereal bars but I think they’re a better product. You can buy them on their website or in local supermarkets. 
Have you tried the Nakd bars? What do you think? Does anyone know what the ‘natural flavours’ are?


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