Water’s boring? Infuse it, Drink it, Love it!

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I was really getting into the summer spirit yesterday and decided to make some water infused drinks. Normally I would drink water on its own but this time I wanted to spruce things up a bit with this lemon and strawberry infused water.

Making your own flavoured water is super easy and very doable for beginners. I highly recommend making your own, much more healthy than fizzy drinks you’d buy in stores. 
Lemon and Strawberry Infused Water
Refreshing infused water with lemon and strawberry.
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  1. What you need;
  2. A couple of lemon slices
  3. A handful of sliced strawberries
  4. Fresh mint leaves
  1. Put all the ingredients into a pincher and add filtered water (tap water should be fine too).
  2. Leave in the fridge for a few hours (I left mine overnight). The longer you leave it the more flavoursome it will be!
  1. You can leave it in the fridge for a day or two. Any longer than that the fruit may start to mould. If you want to keep it for longer, simply remove the fruit/herbs and store back in the fridge! (some fruits like lemons can last a lot longer than say berries).
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What’s your favourite water infused drink? 


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