5 Simple Ways to Jazz up Salads

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Summer is on it’s way and that means beaches, brighter colours, ice cold drinks and lighter meals! It’s always around this time that I start to take a more interest in the fruit and veg aisles of the supermarket, romanticising ideas for picnics or BBQs. And one of the easiest and most enjoyable lighter meals to create is a goodie but oldie; the salad.

I believe that everyone can enjoy salads because there’s so much you can do with one! If i’ve ever heard anyone say that salads are boring or taste like rabbit food, I can almost guarantee that they’ve only ever been treated to the rubbish dumped on the side of a plate for (in my opinion) decoration purposes. No, we aren’t talking about those salads, we’re talking about tangy on the tongue, deliciously creative, salads with a bit of crunch! 
So with this all in my mind I decided to pick up  Tesco finest French Dressing (contains normandy cider vinegar and Dijon mustard) and make my first of (hopefully) many summer salads. 
For this one I included; cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, kidney beans and walnuts. 
Happy to report it went down a treat and the dressing is one I highly recommend. 




To finish i’d like to add some of my tips for salads, I hope you can find some of them useful. 


1. Bite size is best. No one wants to be chomping on a thickly sliced cucumber or a lump of cheese. Keep your ingredients small so each mouthful will have more than one type of food. Yumm!

2. Toss it up! Make sure to toss the salad before serving. This will insure the whole salad is coated with dressing and no bits left out!

3. Fancy some garlic? Great tip I learnt once is to rub the salad bowl with a clove of garlic – heaven! Give it a try!
4. Invest in a salad spinner I purchased one a few years ago and now I wouldn’t be without it!
5. Don’t just follow a recipe – recipes for salads are great for ideas but the best thing about salads is that the options are endless! avocado, cheese, meats, nuts..pretzels, fruit etc! Have fun creating your own one!

What do you like to add in your salads, have you any tips you’d like to share? 



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