Review: The Black Bear Cafe

I’ve been to The Black Bear a few times now, and thought it was high time I did a review. 

Situated just across the road from the Ulster Museum and a moments walk from Botantic Park, the Black Bear could easily be missed with its modest building, that I assume was once a house. The interior is pleasingly simplistic, leaving the display of cakes and buns to do all the talking! At first I thought the seating/tables were arranged rather peculiarly, however as there isn’t much room inside I believe they’ve made the best use of the space available.


Now, on previous occasions they had run out of what I wanted and unfortunately this time was no different. Eventually I settled for the sweet potato wedges with salad and cajun mayo and my other half ordered the oriental pork with basmati rice. For coffee we ordered an americano and a latte.

Sweet potato wedges w/ Salad 
Oriental Pork w/ basmati rice



One of the positive observations I have about the black bear is the impeccable service. Whether they’re busy or not the staff are always warm and attentive. Our food and coffee arrived in no time at all. True to form, the food did not disappoint. The sweet potato dish was colourful and the smell of the cajun mayo was delightful. The salad was made up of butternut squash, tomato, red onion and lettuce. The cajun mayo complimented the sweet potato very well and together was melt in your mouth satisfying. The pork dish I am informed was moist and flavoursome (I regret not taking the offer of a sample when I had the chance!!!). The coffees are always taste good in here! Always! 

Cost rundown: americano £2, latte £2.40. Sweet potato with salad: £3.50. Oriental Pork: £6.00. Overall  £13.90.I would definitely recommend the Black Bear based on the fact the coffee and food is of such high quality. There are nice options available for vegetarians too. However, be wary on what time you visit, because if you leave it too late you may find they will have run out of what you want (something they need to improve on, especially to attract repeat custom). 

Here’s the breakdown:* food is fresh

* great coffee

* vegetarian friendly 

* take away service* situated near the ulster museum and botanic park 



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